JAMGASM2 Super Session: Benefit for DiverseArts Culture Works

JAMGASM2 Super Session: Benefit for DiverseArts Culture Works

Carousel Lounge
1110 East 52nd Street
Austin, Texas 78723

March 1st at 12:00PM – 12:00AM


Everyone is welcome. There will be a time when the show is mostly acoustic as well as full on electric. All participating musicians are free to weave in and out of this non stop jam except during the acoustic part when we need to keep volume low. If you wish to make sure that you will get to perform you should come early in the afternoon but one never knows really how these things go so it’s a good idea to plan on hanging for a few hours.

Here are just a few of the names who will be participating:
Willie Oteri, Chris Maresh, Brannen Temple, Ephraim Owens, Joshua Thomson, Bruce Saunders, James Fenner, members of Brazilian Space Program, WD-41, Lost Cat, word/jazz lowstars and many more.

This is all about improvisation, no songs, no standards, non-stop.

Breaking the previous record for Austin and Texas! 12 hours of non-stop Total Improvisation with a plethora of musicians, poets, dancers, artists, etc in rotating shifts to keep it all going non-stop. An event to raise funds for DiverseArts Culture Works.


Part of the event will be a silent auction to help raise some extra cash for DiverseArts Culture Works. Please consider donating an item such as art, craft, jewelry, music gear, etc.

Fresh Black Paint: Ketu’rah Glore

Fresh Black Paint: Ketu’rah Glore

Opening Reception:
Saturday, Feb 21st at 7:00 pm

Exhibit Ends:
March 29th.

DiverseArts’ New East Art Gallery
1601 East 5th Street; Suite 106

For more information:
DiverseArts: Harold McMillan
512.538.5657 or info@diversearts.org.

DiverseArts is excited to announce its 13 year of producing Fresh Black Paint, an opportunity for audiences of all backgrounds to experience the voice of contemporary African-American visual art. This year DiverseArts is proud to present the abstract works of Ketu’rah Glore.

Fresh Black Paint has been a long standing tradition to showcase the importance of observing the significance of African-American Heritage not only during the month of February, but year-round as well. This eye-opening artist reception is being held on Saturday, February 22 from 7-10pm.

DiverseArts has the tradition of working with up-and-coming as well as established artists capable of invoking thought and reflection through their intriguing works. Ketu’rah’s ability to work with mixed media and her abstract approach to ethnic art made her the ideal artist to work with. We’ve been lucky to have the pleasure of collaborating with exceptional artists in the past, and we at DiverseArts are happy to add Ketu’rah to the list.

Join us during the opening of her exhibition, and throughout its run as well.